ATS Global delivers high performance, cost effective and easy to maintain portal solutions. Portals developed by ATS have a wide reach impacting many aspects of client's business needs. Ever since our inception in 2014, ATS Global has enabled organizations globally in leveraging portals as a tool for growth and competitive advantage. Our team brings in strategic perspective to help determine the right portal implementation coupled with technical depth to the solution.

ATS is a global leader on Portal space with proven expertise and is well equipped to offer services around these technologies.


  • We are a one stop portal development company – offering full cycle services from conceptualization to completion of portals.
  • Wide expertise on multiple portal technologies.
  • Content Management System (CMS) with HTML editing and XML publishing capabilities, Content Tagging, Indexing, Searching and Analytics
  • Document publishing and management
  • Our robust and highly scalable portal services ensure increased collaboration between various players


Based on our expertise in the e-commerce arena with lean go to market solutions we are favorites for organizations to implement e-Commerce platform in order to increase their business horizons and better their reach.

As a partner in success with our clients ATS provides comprehensive e-commerce solutions that help organizations to effectively engage with customers, promote products and handle business transactions securely.

Solution Highlights:

  • Includes Both Store Front End Operations and Administration Backend
  • Works for both product and services selling
  • Supports Enterprise Selling Models in B2B mode
  • Extensive Search and Reporting
  • Includes Recommendation Engine



Our Collaborative Intranet Solution brings an entire organization on one common platform and helps connect all internal and external employees. Globally distributed teams with cross functional responsibilities feel part of a single team across time zones. Connect to your co-workers, keep track of projects, discuss and manage design documents with versioning, quickly browse the knowledge base, organize and schedule meetings, write blogs and share experience with subordinates, interact with experts in your organization, share videos and images or just chat with peers in the organization and get to know your colleagues better.

To add the flavor of social media to regular work, we have provided Facebook style features like Profile, Wall, Blogs & Posts, Chat, Events & Announcements, etc.

Maximize the value of social collaboration in your business environment by collaborating, communicating and meeting business challenges of the 21st century.