Liferay Portal is an enterprise web platform for building business solutions that deliver immediate results and long-term value.

The Leading Open Source Portal for the Enterprise

  • Proven real world performance with marquee clients across industries
  • Rapid innovation with customer-contributed sponsored development
  • A strong community with roughly 4 million downloads and 350,000-500,000 worldwide deployments
  • Guaranteed SLAs up to 24/7/1 with regular service packs and a five-year EOSL policy

Liferay Advantages:

  • Zero License Fees - Liferay Portal's liberal MIT license requires zero license fees and no reciprocity clauses.
  • Open Source- Access to the source code guarantees your portal investment can be developed independently from a third-party vendor or integrator.
  • Standards Support - Support for standards ensures that Liferay Portal remains vendor-neutral and maximizes existing technologies and infrastructure. Liferay supports the following standards: J2EE, JSR-168, SOAP / WSRP / Web Services, JSR-170, My Faces.
  • High Compatibility - Liferay Portal's compatibility with major application servers, database servers, and operating systems (over 700 deployment configurations) drastically reduces the initial hardware and software investment required by your portal initiative.
  • Pre-Bundled Portlets - Over 60 functional portlets reduce customization costs. Many Liferay users can deploy straight out of the box.
  • High-Value Support Contracts - Liferay's support contracts offer a broad range of SLA options for both SMBs and enterprises.

Key Offerings

Portal Consulting

  • Portal Road map
  • Portal envisioning
  • Portal evaluation
  • Global execution model

Large Scale Portal Program Management

  • Enterprise/global portal
  • Commerce solution
  • Legacy to portal migration
  • Portal rationalization
  • Web info Architecture
  • Platform Migration

Portal Design and Development

  • Cut over and rollout
  • CM and release management
  • Coding and unit testing
  • Architecture and design
  • Proof of concept and Pilot projects

Portal Support & Maintenance

  • Maintenance and enhancements
  • Capacity planning and performance tuning
  • Version upgrade
  • Content Migration

Integration services

  • Portal commerce integration
  • ERP integration
  • BI integration
  • Application service integration

Portal Migration

  • Portal platform migration
  • Portal version migration

Cloud Based Services

  • Cloud consulting
  • Prototyping services

Liferay Enterprise Version Features:

  • Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) - Reap the benefits of accelerated development, re-usable services and composite applications.
  • Security - Liferay uses industry-standard, government-grade encryption technologies including advanced algorithms such as DES, MD5 and RSA. Liferay was benchmarked as among the most secure portal platforms using Logic Library's Logician suite.
  • Single Sign On - Increase productivity by allowing end-users to avoid the hassle of logging in to several applications separately. Liferay offers customizable single sign-on with Yale CAS, JAAS, LDAP, Netegrity, Microsoft Exchange and more.
  • Multi-Tier, Limitless Clustering - Liferay's enterprise scalability handles caching no matter how much hardware is added. Cluster Liferay Portal Enterprise at any combination of multiple tiers - presentation, service, business logic and database - to meet specific load requirements, one processor at a time.
  • High Availability - Maintain zero down time for business critical applications with Hardware/Software Load Balancing, HTTP Failover, Session Replication and Distributed Cache (using Lightweight Multicast Protocol).
  • Page Caching - Increase web performance with full-page caching for static content.
  • Dynamic Virtual Hosting - Extend the potential of the business and community by granting individual community members their own page with a user-defined friendly URL.

Service Offerings

  • Liferay Portal implementation
  • Liferay Social Office implementation
  • Liferay integration
  • Liferay Portal jump start package
  • Liferay customization, deployment, integration
  • Custom portlet development
  • Specialized Liferay support services.

Our consulting services include, but are not limited to:

Installation Assistance

  • Assistance with installation, deployment, and configuration

Migration Assistance

  • Assistance with migration from any portal to Liferay Portal
  • Assistance with migration of applications onto Liferay Portal

Custom Solutions

  • Creation of customized solutions to meet specific client needs

System Analysis and Design

  • Analysis of end-user needs and business requirements gathering
  • Assistance with software design

Front-end Theme Design

  • Creation of front-end themes to reflect client branding

Code Validation

  • Validation service for client portal development projects
  • Minimization of troubleshooting

Architecture Assistance

  • Insurance of best practices approach to portal development
  • Provision of detailed plans for recommended enhancements

Performance Tuning & Scalability

  • Recommendation of hardware and software environment for client organization needs
  • Liferay Portal performance optimization
  • Set-up of clustered environments for maximum scalability and fault tolerance

Architecture and Development

  • ATS Global is extremely experience in Liferay architecture and design work
  • ATS Global has pool of premium Liferay certified architects and developer who are engaged in all major projects.
  • The ATS Global liferay team has extensive industry experience.
  • We help you to design/ develop and host your application in a very cost effective manner.

Liferay Implementation Services

Liferay Re-usable Theme

This is a re-usable theme that creates mega menu and other navigational structures on the fly by reading through the Liferay page hierarchy information.

Liferay Mobile

This solution is targeted for both mobile devices / tablets and desktops. The solution leverages Liferay’s in built device detection capabilities along with Responsive Web Design / Alloy UI.

Web Flow In Portal

This utility will allow implementing complex "flows" within a portal. Each configurable flow or sub flow will span multiple HTTP requests, has state, deals with transactional data, and is reusable. Specifically, Spring Web flow will be used on top of Liferay.

Automated creation of Liferay content & pages

This utility accepts any source HTML/URL and create a Liferay content out of it. The content would be placed in a portal page along with proper images. The pre requisite is that all of the framework components (theme / layout / structure / template) exist. This drives huge productivity gain .in content migration scenario.

Liferay Utilities several utilities / portlets exist which can be used as plug and play. Some examples are a configurable Quick Links portlet / a carousel portlet (to display images) / Google Maps or Chart integration / captcha solution.

Content Authoring Dashboard

Content Authoring Dashboard is a central location for all content authoring / approving / publication requirements. This interface gives access to Liferay Web Content portlet, Kaleo Web portlet integrated with roles and permissions.

Multi lingual Solution

This solution facilitates custom portlet development where the developer writes English specific property files and additional language specific property files gets generated during build time automatically (to be used when user switches locale


Industry connect

  • Platinum Partner with Liferay

Experience and resources

  • 100 + Person months of Experience
  • 5 + Full Scale Project Implementations
  • 40 + Liferay PMS / Architects / Tech Leads / Developers

Technology Area

  • Portal: Liferay Portal Server – Enterprise edition 5.2.3, 5.2.4, 6.0, 6.1
  • Content Management: Jackrabbit
  • Search: Lucene, Apache SoLR
  • Application Servers: Glassfish, JBoss, Tomcat