Web-based applications are required to exhibit high performance levels, interactivity, security and speed. Interoperability of applications across various platforms, browsers, servers and languages is critical. Additionally, increased customer usage means that these applications have to adhere to usability and performance standards set by the companies. Rising instances of Internet fraud demand that these systems are made secure and are protected from unauthenticated / unauthorized users.

Protecting IT applications from security threats is a key to ensure that data is secure. Increased number of malicious attacks, exploiting vulnerabilities in the application has made security testing important.

We adopt rigorous approach towards application security testing. Applications are first assessed for the top 10 risks identified by the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) community before digging deeper in to other potential threat areas.

Open source and Industry standard security testing tools are extensively used to ensure all security threats are identified. Expertise in usage of security testing tools helps evaluate applications comprehensively and impart confidence in customer.

At ATS Global Techsoft, we have extensive experience in successfully testing web based applications.