Flight Integration Case Study

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Flight Integration APIs

Client Overview

Our Customer is a Travel Search Engine Company based in Singapore. It operates in over 30 languages and converts prices to 42 currencies. It searches over 700 travel sites, where users compare and book flights, hotels and activities. Customer results are a combination of travel offers from online travel agencies (OTA), consolidators.

The purpose of the Integration project is to develop integration works for the 16 flight partners using XML / JSON

Key Features

  • Our Client success was dependent on its ability to deliver a cost effective solution for development of flight Integrations in offshore model.
  • The time frame for the development of flight Integrations was very aggressive. The team was also required to have experience in working on short releases and be adoptive to technical feedback from the providers.


  • ATS ability to understand Flight Integrations and deliver the APIs as per customer deadlines
  • Incorporation of additional API Considerations helped in providing seamless customer experience and increasing customer base due to flight APIs
  • ATS provided simple and highly cost effective solution by incorporating best practices of offshore development
  • ATS "Agile" development model ensured continuous customer involvement during the project