Web Content Management

ATS Global Techsoft cost effective Web Content Management solutions provide a rich environment for creating, managing and publishing web content and an infrastructure for supporting multiple sites. The WCM solution includes easy-to-use inline editors for text, HTML and XML content, and connectors for editing documents using a variety of familiar desktop tools. For formatting simplicity, a transformation engine that converts content from one format to another is provided. For example: incoming images of various types and sizes can be converted to a standard format and size.

Drag-and-drop layouts let users customize the look and feel of a web site without dependency and granular control over security enables content authors to secure web pages and the files, images and videos embedded in them.

A few features of ATS Global Techsoft Web Content Management solution include:

  • Personalized interface for users
  • Advanced search and taxonomy
  • Web 2.0 features (news feeds, image hosting, syndication, ratings, sharing)
  • Integration with web services, external content stores, and Content Delivery Networks (CDN)
  • Synchronization with Digital Rights Management
  • Administrative interface allowing easier management
  • Multilingual and web themes
  • Search Engine Friendly (Tags, Keywords, Properties etc.)

Documents & Records Management

Organizations often face communication gaps caused by semi-automated systems and reliance on email systems. The challenge is not only ensuring the transparency but also ability to retrieve documents based on needs.

ATS Global Document Management solutions provide organizations with all the services necessary for creating, converting, managing, and sharing electronic documents. Built on industry-standard Open Source Platforms, ATS Global Techsoft ensure completeness, validity, traceability, and inalterability of important documents.

ATS Global Techsoft Records Management solutions provide a secure, auditable environment for creating, declaring, classifying, retaining, and destructing records. Through our solutions, organizations can ensure compliance by defining and enforcing policies for records use, storage, and disposition with a legally defensible audit trail.

Few features of ATS Global Techsoft Document Management & Record Management Solutions include :

  • Standardized workflow for creation, review and publishing
  • Single Sign On (SSO) authorization
  • Integration with proprietary applications and legacy solutions
  • ERP search features like federated and filtered search
  • Imaging and forms management
  • Version control, locking, check-in/out
  • Dashboards for reports, documents
  • Compliance to standards
  • Integrating with social media platforms